Mixer digital DIGICO SD8-24

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septembrie 27, 2016
septembrie 27, 2016
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Mixer digital DIGICO SD8-24


Descriere Mixer digital DIGICO SD8-24:

Noul model de mixer digital de la Digico, lansat in 2012. Este varianta mai compacta a lui Digico SD8, dar cu aceeași atenție la detalii și ușurința în utilizare ca la fiecare consolă din portofoliul DiGiCO. Suprafața de control dispune de 25 de fadere motorizate, dedicate și cu butoane de control multi-funcționale și etichetare electronică. Are, de asemenea, un ecran TFT LCD de 15 „, cu rezolutie foarte mare, sensibil la atingere cu iluminare din spate. Dispune de interfata MaDI pentru a conecta rack digital printr-un simplu cablu BNC.Mixer digital DIGICO SD8-24

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Mixer digital DIGICO SD8-24

Digico has introduced the S21, a new digital mixing console incorporating the company’s Stealth Digital Processing, an FPGA-based technology that is key in delivering a tremendous amount of capability combined with flexibility.

“We wanted to design an entry level console that retained all the features and values DiGiCo is known for in terms of quality, ergonomics and style, and one we could be truly proud of at a price point that allows even more audio engineers to join the DiGiCo family,” states DiGiCo managing director James Gordon. “In fact, that was the condition John Stadius put on his design team. It is also why the console has been hidden in development for close to three years.

The build quality and design of the new S21 takes on the company’s core values such as aluminum extrusions, RGB switch encoders with HTL (Hidden Til Lit), polycarbonate overlays and two large multi-touch screens that allow the operator to get an excellent overview of what is at their fingertips.

“The challenge we faced in R&D was providing a true pro ‘high-end’ console at the desired price point,” Stadius adds. “The brief we got was very strict; we had to develop a console that gave the operator all the sensations they would get when stood behind the SD7. This requirement really motivated the team and S21 is the result.

“The worksurface design speaks for itself, but in terms of audio, you have the same FPGA algorithms as the SD7 and the mic pre design is lifted from the 192 kHz SD-Rack. The audio statistics on this console are very much high end; it should surprise a lot of new-to-DiGiCo engineers. Oh, and it’s 96 kHz with no processing limitations from day one like all the other DiGiCo consoles. As I said, no compromises were allowed.”

SD21 specifications include:

• 96 kHz as standard
• 24 mic line inputs
• 12 analog outs
• 2 AES I/O (mono)
• Word clock I/O
• 1 GPI and 1 GPO
• DVI out (for an external monitor)
• 2 DMI slots (up to 64 I/O slot)
• 2 Ethernet connections for networking
• 2 x 24 segment master / solo meters
• Touch sensitive rotaries with integrated switch and HTL
• 2 multi-touch screens
• 21 touch sensitive moving faders
• 4 layers of banks of 10
• Customizable bank and channel layout
• Snapshots
• Integrated USB2 audio I/m
• 46 buses: 16 x stereo (32), stereo Master (2), solo buses (2 stereo, 4 total), and 10 x 8 matrix (8)
• 40 flexi-channels mono/stereo (equivalent of 80 DSP channels)
• 16 flexi buses mono/stereo (equivalent of 32 DSP buses)
• 16 assignable 32 band graphic EQs
• 8 FX engines (reverbs, delays, w/modulation and enhancer)
• 4 assignable DiGiTubes
• 4 assignable Multiband comps
• 1 compressor per channel and bus
• 1 gate per channel and bus (switchable to ducker, or compressor with side chain access)
• User definable macros
• High power headphone amplifier
• 1/4-inch and mini jack socket

Suntem o echipă tânără dar experimentată, ce activează pe piață locală de 8 ani. Numărul mare de clienți cărora le-am oferit deja serviciile, pot confirmă faptul ca principiul după care ne ghidăm este încrederea. In momentul în care ne-ați ales pentru un eveniment important în viață dumneavoastră, puteți avea siguranța că ați ales o echipă serioasă care vă va satisface toate cerințele.

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